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Our Crush™ website will familiarize you with the Crush™ app, the target population, and the empirical study reflecting positive behavior change. The brief video below provides an overview of Crush™ and its features and functionality. You are welcome to share this website and the video with other stakeholders in your organization to quickly orient them to the goals and purpose of the Crush™ tool.

Crush™ — Sex Ed for Real Life

Teens need fact-based and engaging information on sex, healthy relationships, their bodies, and birth control. To protect their privacy and find the information they need, teens often turn to their lifelines — their smartphones.  But there is a lot of misinformation, confusing data, and bland information out there. Now, young women can turn to Crush™ for answers.

Media-rich Crush™ was rigorously developed by sexual and reproductive health educators and researchers. They actively engaged teens through the conceptualization, development, and testing phases to ensure that Crush™ responds to youth sensibilities, learning styles, and media preferences.

The development of Crush™ was funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the nation’s leading public health agency.

Crush™ was rigorously tested through a randomized controlled trial with over 1,200 young women ages 14 to 18. Crush™ is empirically proven to positively change key behavioral outcomes.

Our Mission

Our mission is to put the power of comprehensive, medically-accurate sexual health information into the hands of millions of young women.

Increasing access to medically-accurate information to promote healthy sexual behaviors is the first step to improving young women’s sexual health and reducing unplanned pregnancies across racial and ethnic boundaries.

The brief video below provides an overview of Crush™ and its features and functions.


A study reveals 5 proven ways Crush™ empowers

Crush™ uses proven scientific methods of behavioral change to help adolescents proactively become advocates for their own reproductive health, even before they start thinking about having sex.

These findings are based on a 2017 randomized controlled clinical trial with 1,210 young women, ages 14 to 18, recruited from across the United States. The study was designed to test the efficacy of Crush™ in promoting the use of effective birth control and using health clinics for sexual and reproductive health services.

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