We collaborate with partners for strategic marketing, distribution, and licensing of Crush™ to ensure that Crush™ is disseminated to young women.

We partner with corporations and foundations for funding to support and sustain the Crush™ programs.

We license Crush™ for white labeling, branding, and adapting content to meet your organization’s specific healthcare and health promotion mission and goals.


Lewis Limited, LLC provides strategic consulting, marketing, and business development services to domestic and international clients. The team is comprised of experienced executives and entrepreneurs who provide their expertise to organizations for market positioning and achieving financial growth, identifying and negotiating business opportunities, and developing a sales pipeline. This requires a thorough knowledge of the market, the solutions and services that the Lewis Limited team provides.

The Lewis Limited principals have held executive positions in the federal government (including an ambassadorship), led entrepreneurial start-ups, served as CEO of major corporate and nonprofit organizations, and provided decades of service as a member of Boards of Directors of the world’s leading corporations in a variety of industries.

Lewis Limited corporate headquarters are located in the Maryland technology corridor in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan region.

Contact: Geoffrey Lewis, CEO, 240.372.8282, glewis@lewislimited.com


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