Crush™ shares comprehensive sexual health information with young women—anywhere, anytime.

Sexual heath interventions in the mobile health (mHealth) market have lagged others, such as smoking cessation, chronic illness management, and fitness. The few mHealth sexual health interventions in the market have typically been targeted to adult audiences and limited in content.

Although there has been a decrease in US birth rates among teens, there are still almost a quarter of a million teens becoming pregnant each year. Every year there are young women coming of age that require the critical information Crush™ provides. By continuing this educational effort, we aim to promote better health and prevent unplanned pregnancy.

Unlike evidence-based interventions whose reach are typically limited to a select classroom or clinic, the Crush™ mobile, web-based platform makes it scalable to a larger population via the Internet. Crush™ can easily be shared among young women—including those with almost no access to conventional programs.

Sex Ed for Real Life

Crush™ is designed for today’s generation of young women who may or may not be sexually active and need quick and convenient access to sexual health information. By covering a range of topics, Crush™ helps young women avoid the clutter of inaccurate or incomplete information they may find online.

Crush™ applies behavior change theories and constructs—Theory of Planned Behavior, Social Learning Theory, and Self-Efficacy—to increase young women’s sense of control over decisions regarding their sexual behavior. These theories together impact intentions and skills to engage in healthy behaviors.


Coming Next

MetaMedia and Healthy Teen Network are developing two additional smartphone mHealth tools to promote better sexual health outcomes for youth.

Pulse, funded by the DHHS Office of Adolescent Health, will provide medically-accurate sexual health information, including all resources in Crush™, to an older population of young women ages 18-20.

Stache, funded by the CDC, will provide evidence-based information to young men ages 15 – 19 to promote condom use and reduce STIs. Decreasing teen fatherhood helps keep young men in school and may reduce risky behaviors and addictions. Stache aims to educate and encourage healthy behaviors for a prosperous future.

Crush Content

Crush™ offers English and Spanish content on the same tool. Crush™ offers culturally and age-appropriate content to inform users about birth control, healthy relationships, sexual health and anatomy, pregnancy, and clinical services. Crush™ content is delivered through interactive and multimedia features to enhance users’ interactions with the content and to support diverse learning styles. Features include dynamic text, videos, audio recordings, comics, stories, quizzes, interactive graphics, whiteboard animations, and calendar reminders, clinic locators, and appointment scheduling tools.

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